Dance performance by Liza Baliasnaja and Sidney Barnes

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Current residents Liza Baliasnaja (LT/BE) and Sidney Barnes (UK/BE) will present a dance performance with acrobatic elements called “Figures” on 31st of March, Friday, at 6 pm, at VVA Nida Art Colony (E. A. Jonušo str. 3, Nida).

During their one-month residency contemporary dancers Liza Baliasnaja and Sidney Barnes investigated different creative practices. They focused on the Italian philosopher Mario Perniola's book "The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic", Lindy-hop and Salsa dance, traditional Yemeni dance, acro-yoga, even planetary eclipses and advertising. The project involves puppet theatre, drama theatre, postmodern dance, electronic music and poetry. The artists were particularly concerned with the idea of a duo. In this case, it is not just a format, but also the core material and starting point of the work.

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