“Info point” by Saulius Leonavičius is the first installation in our new small project space

2017-03-20 20.54.12
Photo by Linas Ramanauskas
If you are in Nida, you will easily find our resident Saulius Leonavičius' installation “Info point”, exhibited in a temporary project space on the main (Taikos) street, curated by Nida Art Colony. This is the first show in this alternative gallery. “Info point” will be on show until 9th of April.

Once I went far away and got into a room without an exit. I was searching in vain, there were no doors there. Now I know: it can happen in any other room. There is no point in searching; the doors are not there.

2017-03-20 20.48.14

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The project is partially funded by Lithuanian Cultural Council and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

The patron of the project Andrius Tamaliūnas

Saulius Leonavičius (LT) is an interdisciplinary artist currentlydoing an arts PhD at Vilnius Academy of Arts. His main interest is discursive and physical intervention in the identity of an artwork and the ideology of the art field. This happens with the help of appropriation of artworks and public spaces using methods of legitimation and rules which define the status quo of the art object. Currently he intended his research to combine critical design, new technologies and the concept of the pharmacon (medicine/poison). The purpose of the created models is a practical confrontation with  the dominant ideologies in a casual environment. Through design of cloths and things, the importance and capacity of the pharmacon in contemporary culture is emphasised. Designed tools can change a human being’s inner state and relationship with the environment.