Artist Talk: Sybille Neumeyer in Klaipėda

“time–image”, 1-channel video installation, Sybille Neumeyer, 2016
Our current resident, artist Sybille Neumeyer will give an artist talk at Klaipėda Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Daržų str. 18, Klaipėda) on 22nd of February at 3.30 p.m.

Sybille Neumeyer (DE) lives and works in Berlin. In her works she translates phenomena and concepts of nature, science and culture into various media: installations, moving and still images, drawings, texts and other. In order to trigger a dialogue between the viewers’ personal knowledge, memory and a bodily experience of the artwork, she fathoms spatial and temporal interrelations immanent in the image or medium, as well as the aesthetic interstices between different media. Her works were shown on national and international solo and group exhibitions. Her installation “song for the last queen” was awarded with the international Aesthetica Art Prize in 2014

Currently Sybille is researching the contemporary notion of nature with a focus on the intertwining of ecological, psychological and media theory questions. During her stay at VAA Nida Art Colony she continues her investigation into the perception of spatial and temporal dimensions in experienced and mediated nature. Further she is interested in hybrid relations between human, technology and nature and works on an aesthetic examination of the surface of image. 

Nida art colony 2017 sn
Photo from the Sybille's archive