Nida A-I-R in January 2017

Photo by Skaistė Marčienė
January marks the beginning of residency at Nida Art Colony for three artists Bas Ketelaars (NL), Mykolas Piekuras (LT) and Cécile Ibarra (FR-BE).
Cecile Ibarra-001
Photo from Cécile Ibarra's archive

Cécile Ibarra (FR-BE) graduated with a degree inHistory of Art-Archaeology and Visual Arts from Rennes University in France, and currently resides in Brussels, where she develops her practice as a visual artist and filmmaker. She bases her work on a rich and widely open understanding of culture, covering aspects in different fields that she visualizes and frames mostly within time based installations, videos and films. She’s interested in exploring the continuity and permanence in/of time through an alliance of techniques, influences and modern histories.

During her residency at NAC she would like to focus on the space by exploring the potential narratives. Concentrating on the territory around Nida, she wants to continue her ongoing research into the constructive relations of landscape and identity, and will be working on a publication project made from pictures and texts related to the geographical and linguistic context.

mykolas piekuras
Photo from the artist's archive
Mykolas Piekuras (LT) (b. 1989) studied Fine Arts atVilnius Academy of Arts in 2008‒2013. He works in the field of film. At the moment he studies photo and media art atVilnius Academy of Arts. Lives and works in Vilnius. Mykolas focuses on narrative possibilities in audiovisual compositions. During the residency he will work on a script for an upcoming visual installation.


Bas Ketelaars (NL) studied for two years at the Academy of Art and Design in 's-Hertogenbosch, followed by an Erasmus exchange program at KH Berlin Weissensee, and received a Master’s degree at the Sint Lucas Academy of Arts in Antwerp. He is co-founder of the Rotterdam based foundation Wo Meine Sonne Scheint which aims to support artists in making and showing their work. For his residency at Nida Art Colony, he recieved a grant from the Mondriaan Fund.

Bas Ketelaars focuses on drawings based on projections of images of nature. In the process of drawing, technical labour is interchanged with manual one in order to create images where different systems are not so much opposing each other but rather construct the image together. During his stay at Nida Art Colony he will experiment with taking photos or using video in order to capture the moment while the process of drawing continues. In this way more risk might be taken in the drawing and the process will have more than one result, which makes it more vital.

Photo from the artist's archive