Nida A-I-R in December 2016

Photo by Skaistė Marčienė
We are pleased to announce our new residents Romina Abate (IT/DE), Vytautas Germanavičius (LT), Tara Langford (UK), Vanda Padimanskaitė (LT) and Natalija Vujosevic (YU/ME) who are taking part in VAA Nida Art Colony’s Artist-In-Residency programme in December.
portret natalija
Photo from the artist's archive

Natalija Vujosevic (YU-ME) was born in Yugoslavia, andcurrently lives and works in Montenegro. Having graduated from the Cetinje Art Academy with a degree in Fine Art, she presently studies in the postgraduate programme at the AVA academy in Ljubljana. Recently the artist has also been focusing on curatorial work and developing platforms for artists, including the Institute of Contemporary Art Montenegro.

In her artworks she combines installation, video, drawing and text. The materials she uses in her work range from everyday-life items  such as mirrors, clothes orplants) toobjects designed to be part of the work. During her time in residency she will be working on new installations inspired by inner spaces (interiors), as well as a series of collages and sketches for a potentially perfect lifestyle, using her personal experience of growing up in socialist Yugoslavia and the subsequentunbridled transitional capitalism.

Photo by Julija Navarskaitė

Tara Langford (UK) is an artist, designer and lecturer living and working in London. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art, she has exhibited as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries at ICA and Liverpool Biennial and has shown in a number of group shows and project spaces. Tara works predominantly in print, moving image, installation and text based works.

Her work explores the complexity and plurality in the relationship between image and language and its numerous possibilities of generating meaning, realities and fictions. She is particularly interested in the possibilities for constructing perspective and experience around events, both lived and experienced remotely, through mediation, narration etc.

During her residency in Nida she will be starting the research and construction of a new body of work that aims to formulate a mise-en-scene for a hypothetical play entitled It Happened to Me Once In this Way. This work revisits the first iteration of Circuit Reading made in 2011, as a basis for building a collection of objects, props and portable environments. She aims to formulate a script, dialogues and readings that would act as mnemonics to tell a simple story, one rooted in the meaning of experience and the construction of a language. 

vanda 1
vanda 2
Photos from the artist's archive

Vanda Padimanskaitė (b. 1982) works in printmaking and illustration. She graduated from the printmaking programme at Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2008. The same year she studied engraving at Wroclaw Art Academy. Since 2009 Vanda has been illustrating books. An exhibition of her painting work is on show in the town of Druskininkai in December 2016.

The artist finds inspiration for her works in her environment. It may be a bear-shaped thawed patch in the frozen river Neris or three identical doors lined up near a house. During the residency in Nida she will turn images she already has or will take here into drypoint prints. 

pferd-fur-katalog 100dpi-686
Photo from the artist's archive

Romina Abate (IT/DE) (b. 1982) engages in playful and poetic research into the basic question of the nature of images and how an image comes into being. Her investigations aim to develop a polysemous view of ordinary environments, approaches and habits, and to explore the relationship between sign, image and notion. Therefore she examines the relations between things in different contexts and constellations by putting emphasis on their aesthetic appearances,  cultural attributions and potential meanings as well as their specific connection with humans. The primary process in her practice is an intensive physical, sensual and intellectual interrogation of the objects within a specific environment.

Romina Abate studied at the School of Art and Design Kassel/Germany with Christian Philipp Müller and Florian Slotawa, whose master-class she attended in 2014. Since then she has participated in several artist residencies and group shows, and had a number of solo exhibitions. In 2015 she published an artist book. Recently she has been granted the Georg-Meistermann-Stipendium, a two-year graduation scholarship.

During her stay at NAC Abate wants to use prints and images of by the Brücke painters’ group as a starting point for an investigation into and appropriation of the (visual) material. Additionally she will collect objects and relate them to landscapes and architectures in and around Nida in order to combine the found material, contexts and media for building new relations and methods of approaching them.

Vytautas Germanavicius 1-001
Photo from the artist's archive

Vytautas Germanavičius (LT) is a composer who graduated with an MA degree in Composition (1996) from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and an MFA in electronic music and sound technology from Mills College (USA, 2005). He received a UNESCO-Aschberg Bursary grant for a residency at the Banff Center for the Arts in Canada, and also spent a residency period at the Visby International Centre for Composers in Gotland (Sweden).

Vytautas is searching for sound with a multitude of colours by connecting timbres and combining intensities. During his residency the composer will focus on a new solo piece for harpsichord and a piece for saxophone/clarinet and string quartet.