Open Studios in September 2016


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Photos by Kati Kärki
Open Studios in September 2016. Residents participating: Magda Buczek (PL), Carla Castiajo (PT-EE), Kati Karki (FI/UK), Milan Vagač (SK), Virginija Vitkienė (LT), Janina Warnk (DE), Nida A-I-R team and ArcIntex ETN (European training network) program's Ph.D. students.
On 14th of September Magda Buczek (PL) organised the performance "In the pines, in the pines". During the performance the artist invited visitors to enter the primordial territory and get lost in the woods in search of presence – ours, hers and of the unnamed. 

Magda Buczek’s residency is organized in cooperation with and A-I-R Laboratory, CCA Ujazdowski Castle. 
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Photo by Skaistė Marčienė

Photo Milan Vagac 2-001
Photo by Milan Vagač
Carla Castiajo (PT/EE) left a mark of her body and covered the form with soil and moss in the forest. The artist also created a nest for the Herons and Cormorants Colony near Juodkrantė using human hair and wool. As it is autumn now, the artist will install this nest in Portugal next spring.






During her residency at Nida Art Colony Virginija created the last journal issue for Kaunas Biennial’s project Networked Encounters. She also worked on a project proposal for the Creative Europe platform. Virginija will work with Kaunas City Municipality’scultural strategy documents and produce a programme for Kaunas city’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2022 project.





Kati Kärki (FI/UK) continued to work on project entitled “Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously”. It's looking into modes of paradoxicality and focusing on the harnessing of excess meanings produced by failed encounters of connectivity. She worked on a chapter called MIS-ISMs, editing together into a short video piece a collection of writing with material she had shot during her stay.




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Janina Warnk (DE) is currently circulating around the subject of “illusions of an instant paradise and the loss off it”. She is currently planing performances based on that topic such as the “church of labor”, the opera “Perr Gynt” and Cindy Moped “Torture Doom” Show. 





During the first month stay in Nida Milan wanted to explore the connection between drawing and object, as well as between line and space. He also presented the Magazine X, dedicated to contemporary drawing, where he works as co-founder and editor.
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Photos by Julija Navarskaitė