Exhibition “Hybrid(...)scapes” on 23rd July – 28th August

Hybrid Scapes EN

The “Hybrid(...)scapes” exhibition will open on 23rd July, 6PM, at Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy of Arts (Taikos st 43, Nida). The exhibition presents new works by returning residents of VAA Nida Art Colony. In June and July 2016, the artists were living and working here, developing ideas they had explored in their earlier residency periods or proposed specifically for this show. The worksin the exhibition engage in a dialogue with the audience not only about constructed landscapes of Nida, but also about rapidly changing images of the global world.
Hybrid(…)scapes emerge when eight artists and artist collectives featured in the exhibition lift Nida’s resort skin and dispel the myth of its idyllic nature. The artists demonstrate that there is really much more to Neringa than what we habitually see. The exhibition seeks to deconstruct the souvenir-like scenery of the overlapping forest-, sand-, water- and skyscapes, claiming that the Curonian Spit is actually a constructed green museum – a park where historical (forestry) technologies and nature interplay. The artists erase the borders between the inside and the outside, as well as between the white and the black cube (or exhibition and concert space), and play with the metaphor of the Curonian Spit as a green cube. The customary landscapes of Neringa become soundscapes, timescapes or technoscapes. Hybrid spaces and landscapes open up a multifaceted perspective of the networked Neringa, Spit and Nida.
Anna Romanenko  Björn Kühn
Project “Rhyme” by Anna Romanenko and Björn Kühn
The hybrid space of the exhibition cancels the seasonal nature of Nida (when summer mixes with winter) and stretches time (as something started three or five years ago becomes a material body now). The showalso blurs the distinction between local and global – works produced from locally sourced material or issues have relevance across the globe. In the face of global warming predictions, artists produce utopian and, in some cases, dystopian future scenarios. For example, the lianas and artificial palms planted in the exhibition by the German artist Franziska Nast not only suggest what Nida lacks as a full-fledged resort, but also ask why we imprison these tokens of tropical lands we have never been to in our offices, homes and schools. The Lithuanian artist duo Pakui Hardwarehave frozen synthetic formations in a glowing ice-cream freezer, and urge us to imagine what is likely to happen to our bodies when the climate and biotechnologies change.
7 Pakui Hardware Ugnius Gelguda Neringa Cerniauskaite DIS 2
Pakui Hardware, Get the Freeze Habit. 
Silicone, ice, ice cream freezer, LED light, Cutouts from images selected from NASA digital archive,
UV prints on PVC Pentaprint film, 130x94x65 cm (Ice objects size variable)
The exhibition will be on show until the last summer weekend – 28th August, and will try to extend not only the local tourist routes: the artists coming from Austria, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Brazil also seek to put the remote Nida resort on the map of active international processes. The German artists Anna Romanenko and Björn Kühn  have built a musical instrument called Rhyme to let us hear the sound of the 1224 km long Nord Stream underwater gas pipeline stretching across the Baltic Sea. Playing it like an erogeneous and political body enables us to think about the relations between Russia and Germany. Meanwhile, the Austrian artist Liddy Scheffknecht focuses on the differences and similarities between Russia and Lithuania in her real-time broadcast of the borderland skyline just a few kilometres away from Nida. The Brazilian duo DISTRUKTUR go as far as to juxtapose this local pagan panorama with elements of South American culture in their 16 mm film. Hence, the natural idyll is undermined when the artists break up Nida’s rippling landscapes into concete political, technological, social or cultural processes, which are often pushed to the margins of our perception, but actually make the seemingly natural Nida landscape what it is.
DISTRUKTUR, In the Traveler’s Heart, 16 mm film shooting scene

The “Hybrid(...)scapes” exhibition, curated by Vytautas Michelkevičius, is part of the 6th Inter-format Symposium (to be held on 23rd–25th July), which focuses on the phenomena of hybrid natures as it becomes increasingly difficult to separate culture from nature, technology from society, art from science, and politics from the natural laws, because every such attempt at precise categorisation only gives rise to more new hybrids. This year’s symposium will feature guests like the researcher and curator Christophe Leclercq (FR), architects and co-curators of the Baltic Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale Jurga Daubaraitė and Jonas Žukauskas (LT), performance artist Kira O'Reilly (UK/FIN), artist Viktor Timofeev  (LV/USA), who merges digital and physical spaces, composer and designer Norman Orro (EE), curator and writer Valentinas Klimašauskas (LT), artist Kuai Shen (EC/DE), who works with ants, professor of hydrobiology Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas (LT) and others.

The exhibition opens on 23rd July at 6PM. The opening will include a screening of the 16 mm film “In the Traveler’s Heart” (20 min) by Distruktur (BR/DE) at 6:30PM and a sound performance by Norman Orro (EE) titled “Music for Your Plants” at 7PM. The exhibition is open for visitors daily except Mondays from 12AM to 8PM at VAA Nida Art Colony (Taikos St. 43, Nida)

Exhibition artists: Pakui Hardware (LT), DISTRUKTUR (BR/DE), Franziska Nast (DE), Liddy Scheffknecht (AT), Anna Romanenko & Björn Kühn (DE), Taavi Suisalu (EE), Juha Pekka Matias Laakkonen (FIN/SE), Marika Troili (SE)

Curator: Vytautas Michelkevičius

Sponsors of the residency and exhibition: Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Goethe-Institut Lithuania, the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture (KKNORD), and Vforarlberg Federal State (Austria). 

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