Open Studios in May 2016

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Stills from the video by Kristin Orav (EE) and Juhan Vihterpal (EE).
Open Studios in May 2016. Residents participating: Kristin Orav (EE) and Juhan Vihterpal (EE), Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL), Kevin Rodgers (CA), members of CAC, Nida A-I-R team. Photos by Julija Navarskaitė and Andrej Vasilenko.


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During a month-long residency period Kristin Orav (EE) and Juhan Vihterpal (EE) created a performance based on their field notes and recordings. At the open studio they played an imaginary monologue of the local dunes while a live stream of sand was falling into Kristin´s ear. Juhan´s amplified/modified sounds of the surrounding environment were accompanied with a video of Kristin´s shadow moving in front of the moving sand with a transparent bowl of water. Shared interest in exploring the site-specific landscape in relation to their corporal self-perception form the focal point of their current work. 





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Tang is a percussion instrument made of crystallized sugar that was developed since 2015. Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL) continues her sugar experiments and works on a new composition employing sugar. Wen Chin Fu started experimenting with the acoustic potential of sugar during a residency in a former sugar refinery in Taiwan in 2015.
During the residency Wen Chin created the aluminum tube/hearing instrument “Aidas” (Echo). It is connector between human and surrounding. Three different shapes of Aidas provides unique auditory and physical experience.

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In his new project L'Invitée, Kevin Rodgers (CA) focuses on the famed visit to Nida in 1965 by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir to address issues of complicity, intimacy and historicization.Concluding two months of research at Nida, Rodgers created an installation within his studio as well as produced a small publication. Composed of extracts from PDF articles found through online sourcing, Rodgers' digital montages takes the xerox document as a form that is simultaneously literal and abstract.  The accompanying xeroxpublication is equally ambiguous, poetic and personal.

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