Open Studios in April 2016

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Fluorescent inscription by Maria A. Maeser. Photo by Maria A. Maeser.

Open Studios in April 2016. Residents participating: Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL), Jenny Lindblom (SE), Maria A. Maeser (AT), Kevin Rodgers (CA), students and teachers of VVA Klaipeda faculty, Nida A-I-R team. 

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Maria A. Maeser (AT) is an artist of the residential exchange program between Vorarlberg, Austria and the Nida Art Colony. Her research was focused on romanticism and its methods. In Nida she explored what the methods feel like, once performed and experienced. The Quote "Please don't leave me" by the artist Bas Jan Ader summarizes her contemplation on the evanescence of all things in life (and its beauty). She leaves different traces around the building, different appearances of the quote, all fading away with time.


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In his research Kevin Rodgers (CA) focuses on the famed visit to Nida in 1965 by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. Rodgers' digital montages are composed of extracts from PDF articles found through online sourcing.
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Tang is a percussion instrument made of crystallized sugar that was developed during this residency. Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL) continues her sugar experiments and works on a new composition employing sugar. Wen Chin Fu started experimenting with the acoustic potential of sugar during a residency in a former sugar refinery in Taiwan in 2015. 


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Also Wen Chin Fu is developing a listening instrument inspired by the 20th century acoustic radar. The listening instrument generates various frequencies around us. It hopes to create a different experience of listening to the environment. 


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Jenny Lindblom (SE/NL) continued her work on the series Very peasant [sic!] stay (2013–) and experimented with plexiglas engravings that will later be lit by LED-lights, as well as with prints using sun-sensitive dyes. Both will later be part of a larger installation. The title of the series originates from a spelling mistake found on the travel review website TripAdvisor and connects with the issues of class addressed throughout the series. Departing from images of travels as well as the traveling of images, the focus is on our worldly and spiritual needs; the social and the private; success and failure; self-fulfilment and frustration. 
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Photos by Julija Navarskaitė.