Rejmyre Art LAB presentation in the office of Nida Art Colony at Vilnius Academy of Arts

Photo by Sophie Barbasch.
The members of the Swedish artist-run organisation Rejmyre Art LAB will visit Vilnius Academy of Arts on Friday, April 22nd. 

They will give a presentation about the pioneering Post-MFA summer workshop Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement in the office of Nida Art Colony at Vilnius Academy of Arts (Maironio St. 6, 1st floor, office No. 226) at 15:00. The program is open to Nordic and Baltic recent graduates, providing a chance to build an international network after graduation, and a context for creating and discussing art. A number of scholarships are available. All current MFA students are welcome to attend!


Daniel Peltz (US), Rejmyre Art LAB co-director (social practice/media)
Sissi Westerberg (SE), Rejmyre Art LAB co-director (craft/sculpture)
David Larsson (SE), Rejmyre Art LAB co-worker, graduate of Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (sculpture/installation)
clearcut web-002CLEARCUT interdisciplinary, post-MFA workshop
August 6-12, 2016 - Rejmyre, Sweden

Rejmyre Art LAB is an artist-run organization focused on place-based making. It seeks to craft an intimate environment where young artists can learn from each other and their engagement with a particular site. Past workshop participants explored the physical, conceptual and metaphorical dimensions of different themes.

The workshop is open to practitioners with a background in both visual art and crafts in order to create a meeting place for these two fields. Activities include a combination of individual and collaborative, practice-based exercises, work presentations, peer critique and communal living/cooking.

Since its inception in 2009, Rejmyre Art LAB’s workshops, residencies, seminars and exhibitions have engaged Rejmyre, a small glass factory town, and the nearby village of Kalbo, both located amidst the forest and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm.

More information you can find on Rejmyre Art LAB’s page.