Nida A-I-R in August 2015


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Claudia Larcher, Kristupas Sabolius, Tomas Grunskis, Ciara Scanlan, Terence Erraught. Photo by Živilė Eevičiūtė.

Claudia Larcher (AT), Kristupas Sabolius (LT), Tomas Grunskis (LT) Ciara Scanlan (IE), Terence Erraught (IE) and  Jol Thomson (CA/DE) at Nida A-I-R in August.


Kristupas small4

Kristupas Sabolius. Photo by Kotryna Gurskaitė.

Kristupas Sabolius is a writer and an associate professor of philosophy at Vilnius University (Lithuania). In 2012 he published ‘Furious Sleep. Imagination and Phenomenology’, a study which signalizes the contradictory function of imagination, appearing in all the major theories of Western thought, followed by ‘The Imaginary’ (2013), a book on imagination, technology, virtuality, cinema and art. He teaches courses on contemporary philosophy of art and theories of imagination, co-curated a few shows (at CAC, Vilnius, and Arte Boccanera Contemporanea, Trento, Italy) as well as co-wrote the script for ‘The Gambler’ (2013), a film presented in numerous film festivals worldwide.
In Nida he plans to focus on a few chapters of the new book, which addresses artistic practices that cultivate emancipating role of imagination as well as aim the discovery of strategies for alternative creativity.



Portrait claudia2015

Claudia Larcher. Photo from the artist archive.

In her artistic work Claudia Larcher creates videos and objects, which deal with architecture and the issues of identity and tradition. Most of Claudia’s video animations are surreal documentations about places of people and their environment, focusing on the architecture and traces of history.
In the Nida Art Colony Claudia Larcher plans to use the isolation and quiet to develop several new video works. The striking distance to Kaliningrad seems to be interesting – geopolitically and architecturally. The architecture of monuments and male power in correlation to its inhabitants will be researched.




Terence Erraught. Photo by Živilė Etevičiūtė.

Terence Erraught is a visual artist from Dublin. His work often incorporates the absurd and humour as a tool that feeds off social ‘norms’ and innate human conditions. Digital video, installations, live events and painting are methods Terence uses to engage with and comment on these topics. ‘The human body is an essential element, and can be perceived as the vital cog which is required to ‘power’ the works. This can shift between the viewer, the subject and the artist.’– says Terence Erraught. During the residency at Nida, the artist’s goals are ‘to oil the wheels’ for a new project that Terence is currently planning and developing for an exhibition next year in Ireland. He envisions this to be a kinetic installation powered by the viewer, which animates paintings.



Ciara Scanlan. Photo from the artist archive.

Ciara Scanlan born 1982 in Limerick (IE) lives and works in Dublin. Ciara works primarily in video, performance and web-based media. She is interested in the ever-present force of the mass media and its ability to both unify and segregate society. As an artist and protagonist, Ciara Scanlan sees her role in upsetting the status quo. For the duration of August in Nida Ciara will develop ideas around her personal drive towards generating narratives. She is writing the first draft of a novel and wants to explore the local area to develop a new 'Trace of Narrative' series of art interventions. Ciara would also like to explore a possibly exchange or interaction between MART Gallery in Ireland and Nida Art Residents. 




Tomas Grunskis. Photo from the artist archive.

Tomas Grunskis is an architect, scholar, sound artist. Founder of “AEXN“ studio and architectural gallery “_0*” in Vilnius. Tomas teaches in Vilnius Academy of Arts and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Currently is working on last chapters of the the book “Creative Experiment in Lithuanian Architecture”. Tomas motto: “Architecture properly understood is . . . something else than we thought it is in the beginning . . .”
Tomas Grunskis will work on a project “Disappearances: Modern Mythologies of the Place.” (working title). It is a project about disappeared architectural objects of various types in Nida related to the subject of modern mythology of the place.


Jol Thomson. The information will not be published by the artist's request.