Nida A-I-R in July 2015

Joeun Aatchim Kim

We have two new residents staying at Nida Art Colony in July: Joen Aatchim and Cecile Tourneur.

Joeun Aatchim is an artist from South Korea, who lives and works in New York. She has a printmaking background that naturally leads her to see an intriguing dilemma between the original and the replicas, in both art and in culture at large. Joeun creates works on paper, sound and video pieces and deploys her writings in various forms. All these components often become a whimsical installation for a specific space. In her artistic practice, Aatchim works with personal and historical archives, testimonies, and fictions. Artist is interested in the fallibility of archiving and biopolitical issues. 
At the residency in Nida, Joeun will work on Your Poetry Reader -- an ongoing audio-visual project, and will make her personal investigation on processes of selective perception from her region-specific interest. 


110804 CECILEsmaller
Cecile Tourneur. Photo by by Marie Lukasiewicz


Cecile Tourneur is a French scientist, has dedicated her phd paper to a sound and voice research in Jonas Mekas films. Three years ago she was a resident in Nida collecting information for her theoretical work.
This time Cecile comes to Nida to expand her research in a practical way, she will do sound field recordings from Nida and surroudings. Cecile seeks to perceive sonoric information as „a naive“ listener, not trying to get the meaning, but to hear the music.