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At Natacha Paganelli studio. Eglė Petkevičiūtė photo. More photoes


Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, Pakui Hardware, Anne-Lise Stenseth, Frauke Materlik and Natacha Paganelli have opened their studios on the 26th of February. The Sun was shining and we had guests: a bunch of kids from Nida Art School and their teachers and art experts: Neringa Bumblienė, curator from CAC Vilnius, Skaistė Marčienė&Rolandas Marčėnas, si:said gallery founders from Klaipėda. After visiting the studios, we had a dinner together, a sauna together and a unic concert by Domas Strupinskas and Mantas Augustaitis. Music has never sounded as good as that evening at the Colony.

Anne-Lise Stenseth has made and installation of the found objects, she has collected during her walking in Nida. Plastic, stones, pieces of wood or alive trees, everything has a story to tell.

Frauke Materlik has introduced some objects from the project she is currently in progress with: a bird feeder (are birds more interesting than art ?), a puppet (an impulsive, but also a truthtful speacker) and others. How can art avoid to be instrumentalized? – was the key question at Frauke‘s studio that evening.

Thijs Ebbe Fokkens presented his drawings, proposing to think over the idea of the influence of an artificial inteligence on our future. 4000 years ago the the most precious and usefull items like jewllery, swords or tools for weaving were put in graves. What tools will be found in our graves after 1000 years

Pakui Hardware (Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda) presented aninstalation of the objects, body inprints, they have moulded at the colony. Photoes of the silicon moulds in Nida lanscape will be presented at virtual small-scale exhibition at Berlin-based magazine KubaParis.

Natacha Paganelli showed some projects in progress, she has offered to play a game“make a Maxima bird fly“. The studio visitors were offered to interact by implementing a symbol x (logo of a chain shop Maxima) transformation to a bird or maybe a war plane ? Consumerism or War, what is a bigger threat today in Lithunia, a rethorical question was put.