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Vsevolodas Kovalevskis photos. More photos

Katharina Swoboda presented a two-channel projection Zoographic’. The film analyzes the relationship between the zoo architecture and its inhabitants. Project premiere will take place on September 6th at the International Festival of Visual Arts in Valletta.
Coralie Vogelaar shared her impressions from a trip to Kaliningrad. The border crossing rituals, communication face to face viagoogle translator’, differences between seated and standing way of tanning etc. The trip raised more questions than answers about the similarities and differences between European Union and Russia.
Andrius Kirvela (Pet Punk) invited to the 3
D animation Forest Lights’ production kitchen: sketches, storyboard, models, Neringa forest flora samples.
Rudolfas Levulis and Kamilė Kaniušonytė have recorded 20 km (from almost 1,800 km), only available by special permission Lithuanian border images and presented the project.