Nida A-I-R in August

On a hot, lazy August, last month of summer, please welcome six energetic residents at the Nida Art Colony. The field of interests of the residents is rather wide and dinamic. Coralie Vogelaar is in search for the EU identity, Adomas Butrimas will work on Lithuanian prehistoric art history, volume I, Rudolfas Levulis has a plan to document a whole Lithuanian state border, Elena Dvoreckaja and Gediminas Šiaulys (Pet Punk) will work on presenting subject of death in a 3D animation, Katharina Swoboda explores a relation between nature and a human body.

swoboda stills

Katharina Swoboda, stills from the film Holding breath’, 2014.

Elena Dvoreckaja’s and Gediminas Šiaulys‘s (Pet Punk, LT) creative work must be well known so far. Sets of performances, publications, illustration, wall painting, design objects - their work covers various areas of visual arts and has received recognition. According to Gediminas: “ Our creative goal is to produce authentic work that is visually and aesthetically challenging, yet peculiarly subtle.We tend to experiment, play and explore amongst conventional subjects.“ In Nida Elena and Gediminas will continue to work on a 3D cartoon for kids "Forest Lights".
Coralie Vogelaar‘s (NL)artistic practice combine journalism, sociology and art. How much does a polar ice cost? Is a censorship really strong in China? These and other questions Coralie set herself trying to answer them in practice. She brings a huge piece of ice from the North Pole and sells at to the city center. She tries to order a t-shirt from manufacturers in China with a slogan promoting to release Ai Weiwei. In Nida Coralie will try to find out if Russia is so different from the EU, to approve or reject the existing stereotypes. She will cross the near Nida existing EU-Russian border and will perform a variety of experiments with the tourists met on her way traveling through Russia.
Adomas Butrimas (LT)
is a Vice-Rector for Science and the Arts, Associate Professor and Doctor of Historical Sciences at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Butrimas gives lectors on history of Western art and European and Baltic archeology. Organizes international conferences and publications on a subject of the Baltic amber and prehistoric art. Research area: art history, archeology, prehistoric art, the history of Lithuania. Institute of Art Critics at Vilnius Academy of Arts redacts seven volume publication, dedicated to Lithuanian art history. Adomas Butrimas will work on the first volume, focusing on prehistoric art.                                   
Rudolfas Levulis (LT)
studied photography and media art at Vilnius Academy of Arts. Creates social and public art projects. His works are complex, multi-stage and interactive, realized using various forms of media - from internet virtual platform to physical public space surroundings. Currently in his works he implements his researches with film media. The main goal of the resindecy project is to visually document all borders of Lithuania. Starting from the Lithuanian seaside and taking a continuous shot from Kaliningrad to Latvia. The final result would show continuous trip through 1732 km of Lithuanian borders length.
Katharina Swoboda‘s (AT) artistic praxis is predominantly video based. Due to her former training as a contemporary dancer, the body still plays a central role in her work and reappears in different forms and shapes. Exploring the audiovisual media with her whole body is an important part of her work.Holding breath’ is a title of Katharina’s residence project. Exploring concepts of ‘nature’ and ‘animals’ in relationship to audiovisual media is the axis of the project.