METEO day out in Nida: a techno-ecologies project by Opposite Solutions (RO)

Opposite Solutions began the co-realisation process planned for the time of their Techno-Ecology thematic residence with the Meteo Day Out, a special event which brought together locals, artists and tourists around the main meteorology sensors park in the center of Nida.


The MootPost - a wood mobile structure, built for territory marking and event signalization, also for disrupting a little bit of the impudence of those limousine-boats accosted there, got lost in the foreground of real sensors and odd-looking detectors of the meteo station. Thanks to Silvestras Dikčius, the one responsible for informal presentation of the history of Meteorology Station, the audience used the MootPost to invent their own sensors in Nida social fields. The unconventional analysis proposed by the romanian artist duo Claudiu Cobilanschi and Daniela Palimariu carried out by implanting ones own research detector in the center of town, captured the attention of everyone. The output was surprising as people were keen to measure specific metadata i.e. the monopole vaporization conditions of the only superstore present - Maxima, the levels of shallowness in a popular Kaštonas Pub and ultimately the atmosphere of security during the eventual night-visit to the local police station being ones of the most interesting "subverted detectors". The next event of OppositeSolutions will take place in the last decade of August when they will present booklet.